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Pod Earrings - Dill Flower

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Wear the Pod Earrings on days you yearn to be surrounded by nature; craving the opportunity to brush your fingertips through waving grasses and wildflowers, breathing in the green aromas as you take a hike through the woods, or kneeling in a patch of herbs in the garden. It's those little moments of the wild world that are embossed into these organically textured solid silver earrings. 

Plant Print

You know it’s summer when you catch the scent of dill in the warm summer breeze. A close look at the tiny flower clusters (umbels) is a joy in itself, as the fractal pattern reveals hundreds of sparkling blooms. They start out covered with tiny yellow flowers. Soon small green seeds form, and the flowers fall. As the feathery leaves wither on the long, stiff stalks, the seeds grow bigger and take on a pinkish-purplish hue. Eventually they turn brown, and soon they, too, begin to fall to the ground. 

Product Details

Metal .925 Sterling Silver & .999 Fine Silver

Size 30mm long, Disk 13mm in diameter

All Umlaut Jewellery is handcrafted in Vancouver, BC using sterling silver and fine silver metal clay. Due to the handmade nature of the jewellery, the piece you receive may vary slightly from the one photographed.

Please note: Due to the handmade nature of the medium, exact plant patterns may vary slightly from the image shown.


.925 Sterling Silver

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Returns & exchanges are accepted within 21 days of receiving your item.

If a piece is damaged by no fault of the customer (e.g. broken solder
joint), Umlaut will replace within the first 60 days of purchase.

All return shipping is done at the expense of the customer. We strongly recommend using the original box packaging to avoid damage in transit.

Care Instructions

When not wearing your sterling silver jewellery store it in a felt lined jewellery box or bag to keep it away from moisture that will cause oxidation.

Use a polishing cloth to keep your jewellery sparkling like new.